CSPVFD Fire hopes everyone is having a wonderful and safe summer!

Just a quick reminder, you can have campfires in the Clay Springs Pinedale Fire District at this time. Please be sure to call into your local fire department or a current local firefighter and let them know before you burn to prevent fire calls to your residence.  

We would also like to remind our residents that a burn permit is now required for ALL BURNING WITHIN OUR DISTRICT. These permits can be obtained here on the website, competed, and returned to the Fire Chief or the Administration. Permits are good for up to one year. You are still required to return to the Fire Chief or the Administration. Permits are good for up to one year. Residents and visitors to the area are still REQUIRED to call and report that you are planning to burn and acquire district permission BEFORE LIGHTING THE FIRE. You can call the office during normal business hours or you can call Chief Garvin at 928-205-5327 or any other CSPVFD ACTIVE FIREFIGHTER.

And remember folks, in the words of Smokey Bear “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES! “

Looking for the latest information about forest fires? Check out the Inciweb site for up to date information.

Looking for a current weather update for our area? You can find that here at the National Weather Service site.

Any comments or questions about our website please feel free to contact Starla at clayspringspinedalefire@frontiernet.net or Chief Garvin at Pinedaleman@frontiernet.net.

Have a fun and safe summer!

Robert Garvin

Fire Chief