Local Fire Information of the White Mountain Area

This page will provide you with some of the local fires and burns happening across the White Mountains and within the Clay Springs Pinedale Fire District. This is not an all-inclusive list of burns. As we receive information on fires we will try to post the information here so that the public can plan their needs accordingly around these much-needed prescribed burns. 

Wildfires of the White Mountains


Wyrick Fire Information June 2021 for the latest information please go to:


Wyrick Fire June 25, 2021

As of June 20th, 2021 the Southwest is officially in Preparedness Level 5

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The Five Preparedness Levels

Each preparedness level has specific management directions. As the preparedness levels rise, more federal and state employees become available for fire mobilization if needed.

  • PREPAREDNESS LEVEL 1—Minimal large fire activity nationally. Most geographic areas have low to moderate fire danger. There is little or no commitment of national resources.

  • PREPAREDNESS LEVEL 2—Several geographic areas are experiencing high to extreme fire danger. Wildland fire activity is increasing and large fires are occurring in one or more geographic areas. Minimal mobilization of resources from other geographic areas is occurring. The potential exists for mobilizing additional resources from other geographic areas.

  • PREPAREDNESS LEVEL 3—Two or more geographic areas are experiencing wildland or prescribed fire activities requiring a major commitment of national resources. Additional resources are being ordered and mobilized through the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC). Incident management teams are committed in two or more areas, or 275 crews are committed nationally.

  • PREPAREDNESS LEVEL 4—Two or more geographic areas are experiencing incidents requiring Type 1 teams. Competition exists for resources between geographic areas. When 425 crews or five Type 1 teams are committed nationally.

  • PREPAREDNESS LEVEL 5—Several geographic areas are experiencing major incidents that have the potential to exhaust all agency fire resources. When 550 crews are committed nationally.




Lakeside East Broadcast Burn Area Prescribed Fire 2021

Other Resources

For more information about fires across the country please see InciWeb Incident Information page.

US Forest Service Public Information Page has many useful resources including an interactive map to help you visualize where the active fires are to your location.